Judging the Maui Onion Festival in May 2013.

I am an award-winning Charleston-based freelance writer and photographer with a focus on food, humor and travel topics.

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I was a professional chef for almost three years while putting myself through college and earning a psychology degree. Combine that with four years of prep and “paying my dues” time in the kitchen prior  and you get, um, seven years.

After finishing my psychology degree, I ended up in the corporate world and earned an MBA before finally gathering the courage to give it all up and pursue my lifelong dream of being a writer.

Dream = realized.

Bank account = not quite so robust.


Still, I wouldn’t change a thing. As a bottom line and at the end of the day, I’m a storyteller.

One of the few enduring traditions of human culture, stories – when told with the proper cadence, language and skill – have the power to move and inspire our minds, our hearts and even our souls.

This is what propels and motivates me.

That and raw oysters.

* * *

awards2014I’m always excited to take on new challenges, work with talented publishers and editors and have money to buy stuff.

Please contact me at vanessa at vanessawolf.com if you have an assignment or project – or would like to use my food photos for commercial purposes – and I’d be honored to discuss that with you.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos have been taken by me.