Last-Minute Super Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas (Maui Now) Oct30


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Last-Minute Super Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas (Maui Now)

breaking-bad-first-cook-in-the-desertProcrastinators, take heart.

Just because tomorrow is Halloween and you don’t have a costume, doesn’t mean you can’t come through in the final hours.

We have five simple, semi-timely and super cheap DIY ideas for you.

1. 50 Shades of Gray

Head to Home Depot, Lowes,  or the paint section of Wal-Mart, grab some varying gray paint sample cards and duct tape those babies onto a t-shirt.

Lengthy discussion of the merits or shortcomings of the book optional.

Oh, and don’t everybody do this at once… or at least don’t mention you got the idea from us.

2. Miley Cyrus, the Young Adult Version

This one is obvious and you’ll probably see it everywhere, but if you’ve got a pair of white underwear and at least 1/3 of a white tank top, pair it with some hiking boots and red lipstick and you’ve got yourself the Wrecking Ball costume.

Other assorted accoutrements – a sledgehammer, short blond hair or an actual wrecking ball – will make this better, but you’re in a rush as it is, so don’t sweat it.

3. Walter White, Season One, Episode One, Scene One

The series is over, so why not commemorate it with the opening moment that hooked us all.

We already suggested going in underwear once, so why stop there?

Tighty whities should be easy to come by, but you might need to make a trip to Ross (or get some RIT dye and change the appearance of something you already own) for the pistachio green button down shirt. Wire frame glasses would be ideal.

Walt had hair and an awful caterpillar of a mustache back then.

You’re probably not going to be able to grow much of one in roughly 30 hours, so unless that’s already a fashion statement you’re rocking, maybe just draw it on. (?)

Costume stuff aside, make sure you memorize this:

My name is Walter Hartwell White. I live at 308 Negro Arroyo Lane, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87104.

I am of sound mind.

To all law enforcement entities, this is not an admission of guilt. I’m speaking now to my family.

A gun or handheld video camera would be ideal, but your cellphone will do.

Speaking of which, consider going as a cell phone.

4. Specifically, an iPhone.

The classic iPhone layout shouldn’t be THAT hard to recreate with some paper and markers.

You’ll get points for trying anyway.

Make about twelve icons, maybe a “slide to unlock” banner, and an apple with a bite out of it (aluminum foil would be a good choice here) and tape that nonsense onto a black t-shirt.

Done and done.

For our fifth and final offering, we had several ideas in exceedingly poor taste and then one that was kind of weaksauce.

Here it is.

5. Tiger shark.

You’ll need black, orange and white face paint and a cardboard “fin” covered in tin foil. Tempera paint is also safe to put on your face if you mix it with lotion. Otherwise, it gets crazy crunchy and flakes off.

We highly recommend you google “Tiger Face Paint” for some guidance.

The other specifics of all this are on you, but deadlines are motivators, right?

The clock is ticking, so hop to it.

Happy Halloween!