Boz Scaggs Returns to Maui (Maui Now) Nov10


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Boz Scaggs Returns to Maui (Maui Now)

Boz-Scaggs-color2Boz Scaggs, a man we thought had a long white beard like Gandalf but apparently does n0t, will be playing a solo show at the MACC’s Castle Theater this Thursday, Nov. 14 at 7:30 p.m.

Scaggs is described by promoters as “both a musical seeker and a man of sizable talent as a singer, songwriter and guitarist.”

His work centers around blues, R&B, rock and jazz and his unique voice and trademark sound “reveal an abiding respect for the spectrum of American roots music.”

Some of his better-known songs include “Loan Me a Dime,” “We Were Always Sweethearts,” “You Make It So Hard,” “Slow Dancer,” “Lowdown,” “Lido Shuffle,” “What Can I Say,” the ballad “We’re All Alone” and from Midnight Cowboy “Look What You’ve Done To Me.”

His newest effort, Memphis, is his first studio album in five years. The title is a nod to his father, grandparents and wife, who are all from Memphis.

Scaggs commented, “I had been thinking about a record that involved going back into my past and finding songs that match my style and my voice. The project just fell out naturally. It didn’t require working over takes or a lot of revising. Choosing the material came, to some degree, out of the work I’d been doing with the Dukes of September (a band featuring Donald Fagen, Michael McDonaald and Scaggs). We’d considered hundreds of songs over the last three years so a number of these had been spinning around in my head for a while.

“Then when I sounded Steve Jordan about producing the record, his reaction gelled so completely and instantly with mine. Was it the first or second conversation we had where I thought he was reading my mind: Royal Studios in Memphis? Ace players like Willie Weeks and Ray Parker Jr. and Charles Hodges? YES.”

Check out Scagg’s latest effort as well as – presumably – some of his classic older tunes on Thursday.