A Roadmap To Inner Peace (Maui Vision: Book Review)

Maui author Jasmyne Boswell’s book

Years ago, at a critical juncture in my life, a friend handed me a copy of Debbie Ford’s THE TWELVE QUESTIONS. The book, a slender tome filled with simple but insightful self-inquiries, was as wise as it was helpful. I suspect Jasmyne Boswell’s similarly concise book, WHAT IF THE PROBLEM’S NOT THE PROBLEM? will act as a comparable roadmap to its readers, particularly those seeking inner peace in their daily lives.

Ms. Boswell spent several years studying Radiant Mind Training in Boulder, Colorado. In her book, she shares with us the four main tenets that shifted her then and guide her still. The first of her four practices – “What if your Problem’s not the Problem? Putting an end to resistance” – focuses on the idea of reframing “problems” as life simply not unfolding as we wish. In trusting that everything is as it should be, problems are no longer roadblocks to be plowed through, but redirections along life’s path.

The second – Doing what’s Obvious: honoring the natural flow of life – involves practicing awareness: noticing our thoughts and learning to regain control of our own thinking.  The third – “Being Complete in the Moment: finding peace in the middle of any Storm” – offers a further step toward staying in the now. To illustrate, Ms. Boswell tells the story of her mind’s obsession with a falling out with a close friend and how she was able to regain mental control and inner peace.

With the fourth and final practice ­ “Pure Awareness:  residing in our natural state of being” – Ms. Boswell introduces the idea of natural meditation or simply noticing what is…or isn’t, and going with that flow.

Each chapter ends with self-inquiries and exercises which complement the practices and help solidify the teachings. I found WHAT IF THE PROBLEM’S NOT THE PROBLEM?  an enjoyable and enlightening read, and I’m certain I’ll employ a few of Ms. Boswell’s suggestions in my own life.

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