Artist Jefferson Stillwell Creates Contagious Fun (

“When dealing with aliens, I gave them everything ?except the kitchen sink.”

This is how artist Jefferson Stillwell summarizes his painting; “Aliens Want My Donut.”

Stillwell arrived here on Maui eight years ago.

“The island breezes, the colors of the water, the smell of the air: it was invigorating. Moving from Carlsbad, California home of the June gloom, we (my beautiful wife Patricia and I) felt – like many others – that ‘one of these days this would be a great place to call home.’ We decided to make one of these days now. We closed down our Carlsbad scene and moved…and have never looked back.”

Stillwell was first inspired to become an artist by Mad Magazine. “I could draw every character in every issue. I even wanted move to New York to be on their art staff when I got out of school. When I was still in high school, one of my close friends and I were always drawing on anything and everything. We created volumes of art; so much that I started my sketchbooks just to keep track of all our ideas. I still do that process today. Sort of a guy diary, but it is the cornerstone of where all my paintings come from.”