In Memorium: Maui Artist Anthony Natividad (Maui Now)

Local musician and Ulalena cast member Anthony Natividad died unexpectedly last Sunday, October 28th, a week and a half after this interview was conducted. He was an influential and beloved member of this community and will be missed.

A handmade traditional Hawaiian nose flute is placed beside each of your ears. You sit in a chair; your back to the musician.

“This is the voice of your ancestors,” Anthony Natividad tells you.

And it is.

Although earlier the melodies had seemed to be Native American, Hawaiian, Hindu and even at times even Peruvian, now – suddenly – the sound is notably Celtic.

As a few tears fall from your eyes, you wonder who or what this man really is and how on earth he is managing to conjure this hauntingly familiar music…and with his nose.

“The sound of the nose flute is played for souls…not just our own, but the souls of your ancestors and any ancestor in the area. I’m the vehicle for the flute to have a voice,” Natividad explains, and somehow this makes sense.

Anthony Natividad did not immediately recognize the nose flute as his calling.